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3D Printable Mask

3D model description

I saw a Low Poly 3D Printable mask online and thought, "Too bad he didn't do a proper sculpt, Because that's a great idea".
Saw I decided to make one. I'm uploading it in time for the Holidays. :)

** I cut the back and top edges perfectly flat to give you options on how you wished to print it. I print it upside-down
with the top edge on the print bed myself. **

3D printing settings

Use your favorite Slicer to set-up and add supports. For the longest time I would only recommend Simply3D as a Slicer for set-up.
That has now changed since Cura has updated it's methods. Version 2.31 or higher works great on this print.
I use the High Quality setting with supports.
This should fit the average sized teenage/adult head. It can be scaled if needed.
If you have any question I can be messaged on my page:

  • 3D model format: STL



Name: Eddie Christian

Occupation: Artist, Instructor

Interests: Sculpting, Painting, Filmmaking

Bio: Taught animation, modeling and compositing at the Academy of Art University.
I founded Pirate Animation Studio in Austin Texas. Now I am the Founder and owner of Solo Projects Studios.



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