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Thanos Figurine

3D model description

Why waste plastic on a torture test, this is pretty much a torture test and you get something out of it at the end that's a bit prettier.

Print difficulty 7 out of 10.

If you are having trouble printing the Meshmixer supports - remember mine were printed on a Delta that had been built about 2 weeks prior, in PLA.. WITH NO COOLING. There is no special tricks involved, but if your printer cannot print this then, well I am sorry to say (and with respect..) you need to calibrate it better. The model I uploaded was the one that I printed with supports and it worked first go, not one support failed to print.

Thanos on the Throne.

I didn't want to spend $800 on a collectible Ebay figure of Thanos, so I made my own :)
Seriously, they wanted $800... While their model was obviously moulded and perfect, still $800 was a bit much, but herein lies the beauty of 3D printing. With a bit of effort you can almost make anything you would have normally bought. Sure it may not be as polished in some cases, but hey - you made it!

I have included both versions with and without supports. No special printing requirements, I printed this on a printer that doesn't even have a PLA cooling fan and it seemed to handle the supports ok.

Modelled from start to finish in Blender, the only thing Zbrush was used for was decimating the massive file blender exported. Blender can decimate but it's nowhere near as good as Zbrush. If I could only give Zbrush Blender's interface, life would be perfect.

Enjoy :)



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