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Frank (Frankenstein) Bust

3D model description

Remix of enginecogs wonderful Frankenstein Bust. I wanted less of the cartoon style and something more of a brute, so I have changed the proportions of the head in several ways. I also noticed that the neck bolts were not symmetrical in the original version, either for the individual bolts themselves or in relation to each other. I removed the original bolts completely and added a shaft where you can use actual metal bolts. These will be at a perfect angle, providing a more artificial look with no slop.

I also replaced the base of the bust completely to make it look heavier and less like a chess piece. To better fit the base I also rounded the shoulders.

The model is made to fit M8 neck bolts, with the hole slightly tighter than that. You can either drill the hole larger or use a tap - you might be able to simply screw the bolts in place, possibly by heating the bolt. For using smaller bolts, scale the model accordingly.

Photos show a print at 62.5% scale, 0.1mm layer height, printed at 40mm/s with 20% infill in PETG and using M5 bolts.

  • 3D model format: STL


Hi! I'm a tinkerer, designer and maker from Sweden. If you like my designs, feel free to leave a comment. :)




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