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Semi-detached house

3D model description

It is a half-level house with a central staircase connecting the 5 levels.
The 5 levels of this house are demountable.

This conception is part of the educational project of a primary school whose objective is the discovery of architecture.

3D printing settings

This object was printed on a Zortrax M200 printer.

Technical informations :
Scale: 1/100
Dimensions without the ground (W x W x H) in mm: 121 x 98 x 94
Dimensions with the ground: 156 x 146 x 96
Number of pieces: 19
Roof slope: 40 ° (to tilt the roof windows)
Minimum Thickness of Partitions 1mm
Note: Roof supports are designed to be broken after printing.

Printing parameters:
Material used: Z-ULTRAT (diameter 1,75mm)
Layer Thickness: 0.14
Quality: high
Infill: medium
Seam: random
Smart bridge: enabled
Angle: 10 °
Support light: enabled.

Total printing time: 45h08
Length of filament used: 127.15 m
Cost of material: 19.32 €

  • 3D model format: STL





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