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Octofiber Filaments PLA & PETG



This -7,5% promotion code applies on all PLA and PETG filaments available on Octofiber's website.

Octofiber PLA is produced from pure PLA and carefully monitored pigments and is processed under the highest quality controls. This ensures a consistent product, with accurate printed objects as a result. PLA is well known for its good 3D printing properties and is suitable for many applications like household appliances, toys and decorations. You can find many nice colors on Octofiber's website: brown,orange, silver, blue, purple, etc. All the filaments are available in 1.75mm and 2.85mm.

Octofiber PETG is produced from virgin material to assure the closest tolerances and color consistency. This ensures a stable product, with accurate printed objects as a result. PETG penetrates the 3D printer materials more and more. Like for the PLA, it is suitable for many applications. All PETG filaments are compliant with RoHS and Reach regulations. This strong, transparent and easy to use filament is available in many colors and in 1.75mm and 2.85mm.

One of the things Octofiber try to accomplish is to make filament based 3D printing as easy and as fun as possible. That's why they developed some additions to the cardboard box to overcome one of the difficulties with 3D printing: entanglement.