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colorFabb Specials Filaments (woodFill, bronzeFill, copperFill, XT-CF20, brassFill, etc)



Enjoy this -10% promo code for the purchase of special filaments for 3D printers from the brand colorFabb.

In addition to the excellent quality of its filaments, the brand colorfabb is known for its great inventiveness in materials for 3D printing. Colorfabb therefore offers a range of special filaments made from materials such as carbon fiber (XT-CF20), cork (corkFill), steel (steelFill), brass (brassFill), bronze (bronzeFill), the copper (copperFill), wood (woodfill), bamboo (bambooFill) and even fluorescent filament (glowFill).

You can also enjoy a promotion code available on colorFabb's co-polyesters filaments.

Discover more informations and all the innovative materials by clicking on the link below.


Producer of high quality filaments for 3D printing. Creating an ever expanding range of innovative and functional materials.